Argumentative Essay On The Voting Rights Act

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It has been 52 years since the 1965 Voting Rights Act was put into action, less than a lifetime, and yet it has been easy for the American population to look away from policy changes and ramifications within the Act. Many people today, believe that everyone has the ability to vote if they are a citizen 18 or over, but this has not been the case ever, even in today’s “modern” society. Still, there is a difference between voter restriction laws before 1965, and policies in 2017. It seems as America advances into the future, these racist policies and laws have become more subtle, gerrymandering and voter id policies have become the new literacy tests that prevent black and marginalized voters from voting in recent elections. Another issue that has transpired recently is the 2013 Shelby County V. Holder, which has lifted government involvement within the Southern States, giving them the power to change voting laws as they see fit.

One of the current arguments is if the Voting Right Act is relevant and necessary in society. Yes, it is because racism still exists within the system. And yet, the act needs to be written in a way that supports voter rights more than state rights, and local government rights. You can have voters without a state, but what is a state without voters?

In order to fully understand the controversy of the Voting Rights Act, it is critical to know all of the work that was done to get the Act off of the ground, and it is also imperative to know about the

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