Argumentative Essay On The War On Drugs

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There are many drugs that are illegal like heroin, crack, LSD, marijuana, and meth. Many are bad for people and can cause longterm damage, but there are some drugs which don’t even cause shortterm or longterm damage that are illegal for unfounded reasons. The stigma today is that all drugs are bad and can ruin your life, although that’s what many think it’s lot more complex the deeper you look into why drugs are illegal or why the war on drugs is failing and causes worse problems then it tries to fix. America’s drug war has been detrimental to the function of society as well as a violation of personal liberties because it has cost taxpayers trillions of dollars, sent hard working, taxpaying american minorities to prison, and lets the federal government control what people sell and can put inside their own bodies.
The war on drugs has cost American taxpayers trillion dollars. In the chart by, it shows that that the war on drugs has cost 30 trillion dollars since 1971 when the war on drugs was officially started.( All this money taxed from American citizens could have been spent on lifting the $20 trillion national debt and still have $10 trillion dollars left over to spend on helping people get off addictive drugs and to regulate and decriminalize certain drugs. In it’s current state each American has spent $93,167 on the war on drugs. This shows that the American government cannot use tax dollars effectively as well as be trusted with the

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