Argumentative Essay On Traditional College Education

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In today’s economy, a traditional college education is generally a must-have to be relatively successful, for it grants high-paying careers and creates a variety of opportunities such as stability and advancement in the workforce for those that possess it. Without a high-paying job, it is still possible to scrape by, however, scraping by does not fit the standard of being “successful”. Neither does drifting from job to job because one lacks a stable career, or being stuck at a low career level since advancement requires more education. The standard of successfulness here is to be free to live without worries of survival or limits on how far one can advance in their career and in life. Even though in the past it was easy to be successful without a degree, nevertheless, in this day and age, the chances of success without one are low.
After all, people with college degrees earn more than those without them. A research report on higher education lists a finding concerning the median annual earnings of those with a Bachelor’s degree and those with only a high school education. Millennials with a Bachelor’s degree or more earn a median of $45,500, while Millennials with just a high school education only earn a median of $28,000 (Caumont, 2, 2). There is almost an eighteen-thousand dollar income disparity between those with Bachelor’s degrees and those without. That is about eighteen-thousand dollars less per year to spend on housing, clothing, food, or other necessities. Most

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