Argumentative Essay : The Dangers Of Being A Truck Driver

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The cautions of being a truck driver

You may think there’s not many dangers in truck driving but there is many dangers as a truck driver long ago there was a kid about 15 years of age his name was Jake his father had become a truck driver and was not home very often his dads name was john his son always worried about him he was also married to a beautiful lady her name was Isabella she worried just as much as her son did about her husband her husband Jake was experienced but anything can happen always traveling town to town state to state and city to city while his dad was in Texas there was a natural disaster his dad had traveled to Texas to pick up a load. He was scheduled to be back in one week but that was not going to happen there was a big flood and he had tried to call his son but no answer and they were worried he was supposed to be home that day and could not get ahold of him he was stuck in his truck on his way back he figured it would be easier to wait until morning so he prepared to go to sleep and he turned on the radio he was falling asleep just as he heard there was a tornado warning he thought nothing of it little did he know it was in his area. He woke up to a loud noise and it was a barn that was destroyed by a tornado he got up started the truck but there was still lots of water around him and it was muddy so he turned on his differentials and powered through it and he got out of the tornados path and then he was driving home and had to

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