Arguments Against Human Cloning

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I am a student at Dinuba High School and I’m writing to express my objection to human cloning. Cloning should be banned and illegal because neither the animal or human gets the same personalities and can mess them up forever.
One argument about cloning is the personality of either the human or animal will be different. Depending on the type of cloning someone uses, it can either be reproductive or therapeutic. Reproductive cloning is when an embryo is put into the female’s uterus as to therapeutic cloning the embryo is in the laboratory and scientist deal with it. Since cloning doesn't make an exact copy of something why do it? When people clone an animal or human it will look the same but the personality will be gone and it will have a whole new one. Let’s say someone has a childhood pet they love, but is very old and their family wants to clone it. That animal will not have the same personality as the original. It won’t have the same tricks, won’t listen to them the same, and won’t be potty trained. They’re going to have to train them all over again and that’s a lot of work, basically for nothing since it's not going to be the same. Why even clone an animal when someone can just adopt another one? They’re wanting it to be the same as the original but it won't be, so why waste all that time in effort to make it the same when they can start fresh and get a new dog with a new personality and adapt to that one. There are plenty of animals out there in shelters that need to be rescued, loved and cared for. Someone can either get the same kind of dog or a whole new kind of dog. Although, for humans this would all relate the exact same, the reason being is because animals and humans are very similar as to medical and personality traits. In the article “ Arguments for and Against Creating Human Clones” it says “ Human cloning would be diminish the sense of uniqueness of an individual. “ Diminished meaning making something have less value and become less. The uniqueness of an individual is being diminished it’s becoming less and just not the same. This proves to you that human/ animal cloning shouldn’t be done since you don’t even get the same effects. Second argument in cloning is it can mess up a

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