Arguments For Vaccines

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Diseases that are preventable by vaccine can happen at anytime. From mild to severe, to life threatening. Diseases that once killed, can now be avoided by vaccinations. Polio, a once feared disease, no longer exists in the United States, thanks to vaccinations. There has not been one case of Polio since 1979, whereas there were previously 16,000 cases and 1900 deaths were reported between 1951-1954. Serious side effects of vaccinations are very rare, and the benefits of vaccinations far outweigh any risks or dangers. There are some people that cannot be vaccinated due to allergies, or religious exemptions. It is our responsibility to keep those people safe by being sure to get vaccinated if you can. Despite the possible risk of side effects, and religious opposition, it is imperative that people are immunized against vaccine preventable diseases that can compromise public health safety.
Resistance to vaccines has been around as long as vaccines themselves. Some reasons for vaccine opposition include religious, scientific, and fear of side effects. When the Japanese Ministry of Health stopped administering Pertussis vaccinations, the cases went from 400/10 deaths to 13,000/113 deaths! They recognized their mistake and reinstated the vaccine. When refusing to vaccinate, you are risking infection. If people were to stop vaccinating for a disease that is not completely eradicated, they risk infection, because it is likely that someone will bring the disease back to the country

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