Arguments Of King In A Letter From A Birmingham Jail

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Arguments of King in a Letter from a Birmingham Jail Martin Luther King makes compelling arguments in his letter termed “A letter from a Birmingham jail.” In the letter, King addresses various claims made about his arrest by the eight clergymen. In his response letter, King provides very compelling reasons why he is where he was and the purpose of his actions. He directs the letter to his audience who are the white middle-class citizens whom he terms the “white moderates.” The letter is very persuasive as his use of pathos drives the audience to think about the about the situation and imagine themselves in the same situation. It is without any doubt that King writes his letter in a persuasive form simply because he wants his audience to imagine themselves in the same situation. He is also in touch with the views of his audience thus making his letter even more compelling and persuasive. This also makes a greater impact on his audience. It is imperative to note the use of anecdote in King’s letter. He integrates the use of anecdote in the letter to enable his audience to have the right view of the injustices that would emanate to other severe things if no action was taken. Similarly, anecdote establishes that feeling on the audience to realize that they are a compelling part of the progress and that together they can drive change. The arguments in the letter are surely persuasive, and their various stages are justifying his campaign that would eventually lead to a call for

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