Aristotle Ethical Virtue

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According to Aristotle, a virtue is a ‘trait of mind’ or ‘character’ which helps human in attaining a good personality in life. Just like everything in life has its own purpose of existence, likewise, human have the “purpose to lead a good life. Aristotle argues that virtue is achieved by maintaining the ‘means’ which is a “peaceful way of life”, and he explained the nature of virtue and how we can achieve it, by using ‘moral virtue’. Although Aristotle focus more on ethical virtue, there are two types of virtue which are, ‘intellectual virtues’ and ‘ethical virtues’. Ethical virtue is habit we must pursue or learn from relatives and friends. They are not inherent, but people practice them to transform them into habitation to use them when necessary such as truthfulness, generosity, honesty, loyalty, respect, integrity, which are all example of ‘moral behavior’. While intellectual virtues such as wisdom, intelligence, prudence, originate and grow mostly by teaching. Human was not born with virtues, but we have the capacity to accept and perfect virtues within our lives to achieve the best life and develop a virtuous character. Virtue manifest itself in action, and our action which comes with reasoning after learning, is what counts as virtuous character, provided one is in a “stable equilibrium of the soul”. in choosing the action. Reasoning is what makes humans unique and the power of reasoning if used positively can make humans achieve happiness. Aristotle proposed that the ultimate end we seek in pursuing the virtuous life is to…show more content…
Aristotle acknowledged that it is quite difficult to become a virtuous person, it requires effort, work and practice, and one need to back away from the extreme which is being upset and focus on having a good temperament and living a good life full of moral ethics to achieve a virtuous
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