Aristotle Was An Ancient Greek Philosopher Who Was Gifted

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Aristotle was an ancient Greek philosopher who was gifted in many areas of education but among his educational resume perhaps his biggest impact was his writing in philosophy. His writings today have been embedded in the way we think today and make us think of our telos as human beings. Aristotle’s views on how to obtain true happiness is through virtue, he claims every living thing aims at good. The problem with this is that we as human beings accept the good life of another but not of a human being. The practice of philosophy that sets us apart from other animals is that we question our existence and the way we live. We tend to think and reflect on what the reason we are here for. In addition, we have the ability to be creative and make…show more content…
143). There are three kinds of motivational pairs/friendships according to Aristotle: friendships based on utility, pleasure, and virtuous. A virtuous friendship being the highest form is when one wishes the ultimate goodness for the other’s sake in which Aristotle says they are the hardest to find and most lasting friendships. A lover’s relationship would be in what Aristotle says, “[t]he young are also lustful, since the greater part of the sexual love results from passion based on pleasure...” (page. 147) that tends to dissolve rather quickly. A utility relationship works in the same way, once one person feels the relationship no longer serves as an advantage it dies out. In order to understand and engage with Aristotle’s understating of virtue that helps leads to happiness, one must put them into practice. The virtue I chose to practice for my experiment was temperance; I specifically practice self-restraint towards my short fuse. The reason I chose this was because I noted I tend to get mad very quickly at even the smallest things regardless if the situation is in my control or not. The relationship that I noticed that would make a difference with the experiment to see if it worked was with my younger sister and I’s. Various situations arose with my sister where I put my temperance to the test. In many

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