Arizona Whistleblowing Case Study

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One month ago a major whistleblowing case hit the front lines. A man, associated with the VA’s hospital in Arizona came out about the poor healthcare provided to our nation’s veterans. This is no small ordeal because there were lines of veterans that had not received the operations they needed or even the cancer treatment they have been weighting for. The finger was pointed directly at the VA’s representative that was assigned by the president of the united states which means that president Obama himself heard about this incident shortly after being made known to the public. So much so that President Obama flew to Arizona to give a speech, apologizing to the veterans for the great disrespect that had been shown to them. The VA hospital’s reputation of being a place where veterans can go to receive their deserved healthcare was utterly destroyed by this event. This program will have to be completely refurbished to be able to regain the trust of the veterans once again. This has already started because the representative of the VA has already resigned and they are looking to replace him with someone that knows how to get this program up and running. For the mean…show more content…
The impact that one man’s decision, to come out with the truth, was life saving. With the restructuring of the VA organization in Arizona I would guarantee that this would not happening again because the organization will require fail safes to assure the safety and care of our nation’s veterans. I only hope that all the other VA hospitals in the nation can learn and self asses their own veteran care in order to avoid all other possible incidents that could possible occur in the future. These men and women that served in the armed forces protecting our country with their lives deserve much more attention and dedication on our
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