Art And Architecture : The Olmec Art In Mesoamerica

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Olmec Art in Mesoamerica Art and architecture have both long been a gateway to understanding earlier peoples and their civilizations. While it may not always be possible to know every detail, or sometimes just the slightest bit of information, through the study of art and architecture one can get one step closer to understanding the way of life and history of ancient civilizations throughout the world. Although each different culture presents an equally different challenge, clues do exist if one is willing to look long, hard, and close enough to understand. In what is present-day Mexico but was previously considered ancient Mesoamerica, there lived a mysterious yet powerful civilization called the Olmec. Even today not much is known about the Olmec people, but through the Olmec’s various forms of art and architecture, one can get glimpses into the way of life and the beliefs that, what is considered to be the first great Mesoamerican civilization, held and lived by.
The Olmec did not start out as the mighty power-filled civilization they later came to be. Not much is known about where the people that later came to be known as the Olmec originally came from, but due to archeological evidence in the form of various art forms and architectural ruins, historians know now they lived in and around the present-day cities of Veracruz and Tabasco in the Gulf of Mexico (Cartwright, Olmec Civilization). In fact, historians are not even sure what it was the Olmec people called

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