Art And Censorship In Art

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Art is supposed for expressing feeling and the visualizing the feeling or thoughts of the artists. Censorship is the suppression of content, which is defined as harmful, politically incorrect or sensitive by the authority (cited in Merriam, n.d.). Art and censorship have been connected for a long period of time together. In the recent society, the censorship on artworks is one of the most severe issues when it comes to censorship and the problem happens internationally. Since every individual has the right to define what is acceptable for him/her or not, instead of the government or others, Art should not be censored. The censorship on Art may influence the freedom of Creativity‬ of the artist; the right of the general public to view different topics of artworks and censorship on political Art may affect the human rights and freedom of speech. First, censorship may obstruct the Freedom of Creativity‬ of the artist, which will affect the development of the Art industry. The idea of the artworks is independent to the artist, who…show more content…
Since Arts is a form for people to express feelings and visualize their idea, it should be individual and personal. Hence, creativity is one the most essential elements during making artworks. Unfortunately, the censorship of Art still exists worldwide and the situation is severe. It not only obstructs the creativity of artist that poses a threat to the development in Art industry, but also exploits the right of the viewers to see the artworks. For instance, the censorship on Art that comes from political reasons, which may affect the freedom of speech and human right in the countries. The public concern for personal safety and human rights of the artists is needed. Also, it is essential for citizens to have a proper attitude of viewing the artwork. Hence, education is an important way for children and teenagers to build up a correct manner to appreciate the artwork that may contain sensitive

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