Art : The Importance Of Art In Our Society

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Society, it’s complex, it’s frustrating, it’s something that we’re all apart of. Art, it’s complicated, it’s lovely, it’s a part of everyone’s lives. Without art, society would be unable to truly thrive. Art is one of the most important things that society could even dream of having. Life would be bland and meaningless, there would be no personality and society would be completely emotionless. Art surrounds our daily lives and people fail to realize that. Art created our society that we love so deeply, without it, life would not have a purpose. The Arts are important to understand the lives of others. I personally surround myself with art. I use almost every different form of it in my daily life and without it, I don’t know who I would be or how I would even function properly. Surrounding myself with art and looking at how others view it helps me truly understand people. Whether it be how someone looks at a painting or how they close their eyes to really feel a piece of music, art helps make others understand who people are and look deeper into their own mindsets. It shows what kind of person they really are and how they act around beauty, and emotion, and the complex natures that are the arts. The true reason that I am going into the arts is because I have never known anything else more important to me. I have never done anything that wasn’t art and I wouldn’t know how. If you gave me a book with all the different fields possible, I would only look through the parts that

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