Arthur Miller's Portrayal of Willy in "Death of a Salesman" Essay

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The play opens with a description of the house. Which shows the house and Willy starting of as a failure, he fails by cheating on his wife and not respecting his friends. “Towering angular shapes behind it, surrounding it on all sides”
This shows at the beginning that Willy is going to be a failure as his house is old and is small compared to the others and they all lean over the old crooked building making it look small worthless and untidy. Which shows he has no money to buy a big house that leans over the others, and as a salesman you would have thought that he would have had a lot of money as he is a working salesman. This creates a affect that he is a worthless salesman who earns no money Arthur Miller uses the fact of him
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“She is taking off his shoe” Linda says this which Miller uses to create an effect about how she does things for Willy and he doesn’t respect it, which shows the audience he has lied and cheated on her which makes him cheating on her worse as she looks after him and thinks the world of him when not many people do, Willy doesn’t show he cares or has any affection for Linda who cares for him more than anything in the world.
Willy cheats on his wife and begins to feel guilty for what he has done.
Willy cheats on his wife and he gives the person he cheated on her with new stockings and we see his wife fixing her old stockings. “The stockings” “will you stop mending stockings”
He begins to feel sorry for her and begins to feel guilty for what he has been doing this shows that he has also failed as a husband.
Willy failed as a father as he made biff give back a ball that he has stolen then later on makes him steal from a building site.
“I want you to return that”
This shows that he is a good farther by telling him to take it back but then later on he says
“Boys go right over …and go get some sand”
This is telling him to steal some sand from the building site. which makes the audience ask is he a good farther for telling him to give back ball that has been stolen of risk them getting locked up for some sand that he wants. This shows that altogether he