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Article 20 – Blackjack Game Guide/Strategy The game of blackjack has been on quite the journey since its inception well over 100 years ago. From the streets of France and Spain to the bright lights of the Las Vegas strip, the game has seemingly evolved time and time again. While the evolution of the game is pretty much undeniable, one thing that hasn’t changed much is in the in game mechanics. It is still a battle between player and dealer, and it is still a race to 21 or bust when it comes down to the final result. Given the supposed ‘basic’ nature of the game, many are foolish enough to think that strategy and skill isn’t required to be successful. Some even head into the game of blackjack thinking that they can play any which way and be able to win, problem is that such method will seldom be a successful approach. Lying at the heart of online blackjack are countless psychological traps, along with the unrivalled sensation of winning big. Both of such can turn your game from dream to dust given the chance. While there is no doubt that some scenarios within the game of blackjack can be handled through the “if and when” approach, most of the time you need to be more strategic in the way that you play the game. Thankfully, players don’t need to be a rocket scientist or a brain surgeon to learn how to approach the game of online blackjack. The key is found within understanding all the do’s and don’ts of the game. Today we will take a long look at what you should and

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