Article On Gay Marriage Rights

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Daeja Nya Alicea English 101 10/25/16 Krietcsh Gay Marriage Rights Can you believe that in some parts of the world it is still illegal to be homosexual , or better yet to marry the person you love if they are the same sex as you? Many people use religion to try a stop gay marriage rights. But religion has nothing to do with the fact that it is every human being’s right to marry the person they love.Gay Marriage has always been around for example “Evidence exists that same-sex marriages were tolerated in parts of Mesopotamia and ancient Egypt. Artifacts from Egypt show that same-sex relationships not only existed, but the discovery of a pharaonic tomb for such a couple shows their union was recognized by the kingdom.” (Dynes,…show more content…
When America was created there was always supposed to be a separation between church and state so that no one would be denied their rights based on a religion they may or may not believe in. Also marriage is a basic human right, the definition of marriage is a “The formal union of a man and a woman, typically recognized by law, by which they become husband and wife” (Oxford Dictionary). The definition states that it is typically recognized by law which brings up the question that aren’t church and state supposed to be separated if so then why is gay marriage illegal in many parts of the world? I’ll tell you why because many other countries don’t separate Church and State. That will be the first step to fixing the first problem and this whole social justice issue in the first place. The next problem is that people use Procreation as a reason to be against gays getting married since homosexuals can’t procreate on their own. These people believe they shouldn’t be married. Many heterosexual couples that do procreate and have kids that turn out to be gay end up kicking those kids out. How can you use procreation when people don’t even want the kid you made if they loved the same sex? Many people that are married decide to not have children even though they are fully able to, some because of financial problems and some just for personal reasons. Shouldn’t these people that do not want to have kids be unable to get
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