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Article 4 – Casino bonuses – What’s in it for online casinos?

From the moment you visit Google and input the term “online casino”, you are going to presented with page after page of casino bonuses, all of which offer you the chance to “win big” and “play for free”. While it is great to see the online casinos working hard to draw in new customers, questions have to be raised about the legitimacy of these “free play” offers. Reason being because if they are what they say they are, how can the online casinos keep affording to do it? What’s in it for an online casino when you take them up on their “free money” offer?

Calculating the cost

Let me start by telling you this, there is no such thing as “free money” when it comes to the world of online gambling. Not matter which bonus you accept, free play, free spin, matched deposit, no deposit, you can expect that you will have to work hard to really have true access to it. In order to “unlock” your casino bonus you need to meet what is usually a loaded checklist of criteria. Wagering requirements are the element that usually means that you “free bonus” cost a little more than you expect. When evaluating the true cost of a casino bonus I recommend you take a good look at the following elements with regards to its use:

• Wagering requirement
• Game contributing percentage
• House edge

Wagering requirement

This is the big thing to consider and is the main way that online casinos make money, so wagering requirements are something…

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