Artistic Process Paper

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Everyone has different ways of interpreting what their writing and artistic process is. Both of these processes are similar in many ways, but also different depending on what kind of artist or writer you are. For this paper, I interviewed several different people, some who are great artists, some who are great writers and some that do not like either. I also examined both of my processes comparing how they are similar and different. There were a couple questions I asked myself and each person I interviewed so it would be easier to compare each of their processes. The four main questions were asking if they liked having food or coffee during this process, if the processes were similar or different, and to define the two processes according to their own definition. Since I am a photographer, I approach my artistic process differently than other artists. I plan on where I am going to go take pictures, but I do not plan on what I am going to take pictures of. I normally go to abandon houses or places to take pictures. I take pictures of everything at different angles and try to get a different perspective on the way things are normally …show more content…

She told me she has been painting ever since she was a little girl. She mostly paints landscapes like the the beach, lakes, or mountains. She begins the process by actually looking at what she is going to be painting so she travels a lot to find different settings. She does not have a rough draft, she just begins painting on canvas. After she is done, she does touch ups and finishes the painting. I realized as she was telling me that she does not go through many steps. She told me that she likes to drink coffee during this process because it keeps her focused and awake. When I asked her if the writing process and artistic are similar and why, she told me that they were because they are both gifts and not everybody is good at

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