Asbestos Contamination

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It may be tempting to go the attic and inspect Bulk Insulation your self. Anyway, insulation inspection, removal, and installation better left to professionals. Across the Internet, you will find many articles on this topic. It is a hot topic. Still, some people try to do it themselves, and then; mess it up. Why do you want to tackle it yourself? Well, you think it is cheaper to do it yourself. But you are wrong in this case. Dealing with Bulk Insulation is a risky job. In this article, I am explaining good reasons to leave it to professionals. Let's get started! * Asbestos contamination: This could be the main reason Bulk Insulation jobs can tricky. Old insulation can have traces of asbestos of in them. The use of asbestos can cause serious health issues including lung diseases and cancer. People who live in old houses should never attempt insulation jobs themselves. Inspection kits are available to check traces of asbestos contamination, but leaving the whole job to professionals is advisable. On the …show more content…

Mold, water ingress, animal infestation, and moisture can cause damages to attic insulation. You should fix the causes of damages before reinstallation. Fixing the causes such as a leaking roof can be expensive. Anyway, there's no point of having new Bulk Insulation without fixing the causes first. Contaminated insulation with mold and mildew is dangerous. Also, dealing with wildlife and insect infestation is time and money-consuming. * Choosing the right insulation type according to the climate can be tricky. The R-value determines the heat resistant. Depending on the climate in your hometown; you should choose Bulk Insulation, reflective insulation, or both the types. Each insulation type comes with advantages and disadvantages. If you live in a hot climate, then reflective insulation should be your choice. Bulk Insulation works well in colder

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