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When I was in 3rd grade my teacher spoke fondly about his ASL class he took in high school. Since I had always looked up to this teacher I thought it was the coolest thing that someone could learn ASL as their foreign language. Sadly, my school was not one of the few that offered ASL (even though they had previously offered French and Chinese, they had cut down to only Spanish). So my freshman year I took Spanish 1 looking to easily complete my foreign language since I’m native speaker. I never made it to Spanish 2 because the class was absolutely atrocious. I pursued my interest in ASL after this, I had the option of taking a test to pass Spanish to and be over with or I could complete my High School and college credit with a course from the college.
Another influence of taking ASL was a good friend of mine taking it in his high school in freshman year. Since then I was stuck on taking this course to be able to communicate with him through sign language and our native language. He always spoke about it so happily like it was the best thing and the best class, and already being jump started by my 3rd grade teacher I was in love with the class. My friend also has a deaf aunt that he was trying to learn for, and once she came …show more content…

The first year I was here I had a friend that signed and I wanted to take the class while I still knew her but my schedule never allowed me and she moved away to go to an alternative school. I still see her from time to time and I enjoy talking to her but there’s an obvious gap, I can speak to her in Spanish more easily than I can speak to her in English but she studies ASL so I just wanted to be able to speak to her in the way she best would understand me. That threw me off and I figured maybe I should just take a regular Spanish course and not push myself so much. Due to other people taking it I just went with the flow of everyone

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