Assignment 1: Community Map Analysis

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Community Mapping
Everyone comes from a different town. Some people live in small towns and others come from towns that are huge. In each town there is a different story. Every town has its own history, its own traditions, and its own way of life. Each town is filled with different people and different resources that make up its community. One very special community is a town called Westminster. It is a town filled with tradition and a lot of history. Westminster is populated by a wide variety of people that make up its special community.
Westminster is a fairly large town in Carroll County Maryland. Westminster is in the center of Carroll County and is surrounded by New Windsor, Taneytown, Hampstead, Mt. Airy, Finksburg, Manchester, and Sykesville. …show more content…

68). In order for Mrs. Tau and her grandchildren to live happy lives all of their needs need to be met in the community that they are living. Mrs. Tau and her 3 grandchildren would be able to live in Westminster with minimal challenges to support the needs of her family. The town has a variety of housing options in which Mrs. Tau should be able to find a house with 3 bedrooms. Westminster has a variety of public middle schools and public elementary schools that her grandchildren can attend and they will also be provided with transportation to school in the morning and transportation home in the afternoon. One challenge that her family might face if needed is the public schools do not provide morning care before school. Most schools do however offer after school programs such as ABC Care that Mrs. Tau would have to pick her grandchildren up from. Westminster also offers a school specifically for children with disabilities that would be perfect for her youngest grandson. This school also offers transportation to and from school. The school provides therapy treatments from a physical therapist, occupational therapist, and speech therapist throughout the day and has nurses on staff that are able to distribute medications. There are also a variety of rehabilitation centers in Westminster that provide physical, occupational, and speech therapy that her grandson could attend as well. Westminster has access to a hospital and other specialized doctor’s offices for any other needs her grandson may have. If Mrs. Tau or her grandchildren require any emotional support, there are a variety of psychiatrists in Westminster as well and all of the public schools have access to a guidance counselor. All schools in Westminster also offer a free or reduced price meal program for families that qualify. Mrs. Tau could apply for the program in order to

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