Assignment 1: Tribe Representative

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All tribes need to have a representative within the Indian community who is kept informed of opportunities that directly affect their community. The tribe representative needs to be involved from the inception of any plans as well as any changes that pertain to the project that is authorized by the Secretary (Perdue, 2009). Any recommendations by the Secretary that the tribe should consider the tribe representative needs to consult a board of elders within the community to deem rather the recommendation is feasible and within the best interest of the Indian community. With that said if the Indian community or representative chooses a provision that is not in the best interest of the Indian Community, the Secretary should have the power to reject those items (Mills, 2016). The Secretary should also have the ability to have push back that will not benefit or are not in the best interest of the tribe, therefore, not be contractually obligated just to accept whatever conditions the Indian request. …show more content…

Also, a limit to any leases issued needs to include a revisit date for amendments to a 20 or 30-year contract. By implementing this prevention, an amendment will help to prevent any corruption or abuse. (Chiodelli & Moroni, 2015). Not to mention that over the span of 20 or 30-years, a lot can

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