Assignment : Ageism In Society

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Whittaker, D.S.
Assignment 1: Ageism Essay Ageism, an idea created by Robert Butler, can be described as degrading behavior or emotions toward older people based on one’s own fears or preconceived ideas (Butler, 1969). This kind of behavior can consist of anything from refusing jobs to someone due to their age and perceived capabilities from not offering ideal care to older people because one believes it is wasteful of resources. The presence of ageism within society leads to a population bound by certain stereotypes that can prohibit the advancement of people considered to be older adults. One important aspect of ageism is that the stereotypes created are often undeserving of the older population’s actual capabilities. …show more content…

I remember asking my grandma, years ago, why she dyed her hair blonde. Her response was simply, “Grey doesn't look good on me.” Her judgements toward other aging people have accelerated, to the point that she is constantly comparing her physical appearance as well as her capabilities to others of her age. After experiencing extreme back pain, two rounds of breast cancer, and an infection onset from a surgery, she is still out and about, constantly testing her limits. We will ask her if she is okay, and she quickly shuts us down and continues to walk, even though her groaning and slow pace are obvious signs that she is reaching her maximum. Her constant fear of “growing old” has caused her to push herself beyond her limits, causing even more pain and suffering to her body. With a huge generation gap between my grandparents and my siblings and me, we have also been at fault for making jokes that may be considered ageist. We have made jokes about their lack of knowledge regarding new and advanced technology, though they are very up-to-date, even owning more devices than I do. I have noticed that my grandparents really do try hard to stay in the loop with other generations, but it has caused them to push their limits in order to prove other people wrong. My grandma is constantly trying to push her body further than the doctors advise her to, which is negatively impacting her health. She constantly takes pills and spends money on products that she hopes will

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