Assignment For This Week Is Enforceable Contracts

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The assignment for this week is regarding enforceable contracts. In an effort to determine if a contract is enforceable, there first has to be the basic understanding of a contract. According to Sequist, it is important to know that contract law is governed by common law or the Uniform Commercial Code. (Sequist, 2012) A contract is considered a legally binding document. (Matt and Fleming, 2012) Due to this fact, it important that all parties involved have a full understanding of what the contract entails in the event that some form of ligation or dispute arises. The scenario for this assignment is that an individual is hired by Fabulous Hotel to be their head chef under a two-year employment contract. The individual has worked the duration of the contract and is being sought by another hotel. However, some clauses could cause a conflict of interest. There is a clause regarding working for another entity in close proximity for set period if they leave Fabulous Hotel. Analyze Contract Enforceability The are five elements to an enforceable contract. One of the elements is an offer and the party’s acceptance. (Matt and Fleming, 2012) The contract is extended to a party and after consideration, the party accepts. The offer has to be distinguishable and clear. The offer is considered a definite promise that is to be honored by both parties. (Matt and Fleming, 2012) There is an opportunity for an individual to withdraw from a contract before it is accepted.
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