Assignment On The Pigman

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The Pigman Assignment
Provide a brief intro in which you identify the character whose life became brighter once the Pigman entered it:
According to the text, John’s life became brighter once the pigman entered it. This is because in the beginning of the book, John is the kind of person who played pranks on people, such as the Pigman, and drank alcohol or smoked all day. But as things develop John discovers that Mr. Pignati is so incredibly nice and genuine and trusting that John finds it hard to trick the Pigman without feeling guilty. Finally by the end of the book, John finally gets a job, and for the time, in a long time, John is unselfish again.

Establish that your character had a poor relationship with his or her parents (provide text details!)

John finds in the Pigman something so much-needed by him and so denied by his own parents that he finds it hard not to change.This is because John does not get along with his parents, especially his father, who he calls the "Bore."One major source of friction between John and his dad is John's dream of becoming an actor. When John tries to tell his father that he doesn't want to wear a suit and carry an attaché case, and repeatedly says, "I want to be me," his dad ignores and discourages his dreams, and says to him "Thank God Kenneth isn't a lunatic" (7). (Kenneth, John's brother, works with his father at the Coffee Exchange, and his parents consider him nothing short of perfectly.) Also, John's mother is, he tells us, a

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