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Assignment One: The Web Assignment. The web assignment is the most basic of class room games and can therefore be applied to almost any subject. For the purposes of this class, we’re going to do it with derivatives. Taking a derivative in Calculus is a concept that requires two types of intelligence, crystalized and fluid. Students need to be able to know components and methods of taking a derivative while also being able to take the derivative of an equation they have never seen before. This can often be a complex process, so here we’re going to use a principle concept from game design, the difficulty curve. Nearly every single successful game ever created starts out small. They don’t introduce the mechanics all at once. First, we’re …show more content…

This quiz would get progressively more complex as students master smaller pieces of information. Eventually, the quiz questions will require students to use the knowledge they’ve learned in ways they have not yet been taught about. This could be story problems, more complex equations, or possibly sections from the next topic if appropriate. This tests the fluid intelligence of the student as well as their knowledge of the information presented. The teacher may also choose to make these problems worth extra points to adhere to the second principle of gamification, agency. Without this increased bonus, the problems will create what’s known as Negative Possibility Space in game design. This is where the player puts a large amount of effort into a task that doesn’t provide an adequate reward. This sort of assignment appeals to mainly the Achievers and Killers from the Bartle classifications in the previous section. Achievers get easy feedback for everything they do and killers can get quick updates on their progress in relation to others via the real-time leaderboard. Assignment Two: The Class Collaboration. The class collaboration works by creating smaller projects that each person does that when combined benefits everyone. In our math class, we’re going to do a point based collaboration assignment that doubles as study for a test. We can use

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