Assisted Suicide Should Not Be Legalized Essay

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Would you like to live your life like a vegetable or just not being able to do much? Would you like to let your family member suffer just because you want them to stay around? Would you like to be in a state of chronic excruciating pain every time you wake up and go to sleep?
Family is really hard to let leave your life but, it is even harder to watch them go through life suffering because they are in pain everyday that medication or treatments will not help. There are many reasons why you should not legalize physician-assisted suicide for example there is a slippery slope to legalized murder, it would destroy the doctor-patient relationship, and it can cover up for abuse. On the other hand there are more reasons to edge out the reasons not to legalize it. For example, the patient can die knowing it was their choice, they have the right to die anytime they want, and vital organs can be preserved for patients that will need them in the future. If you …show more content…

Yes it would still be considered morally wrong for a lot of the citizens in your state or country but, sometimes morally wrong for other people isn’t what matters what matters is how you think and feel about dying with a physician's help if it did ever come to that. Some might be scared to use this method if it is legalized because of the criticism themselves and their family would get from it. If you get Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever according to “Surviving Ebola: For those who live through it what lies ahead?”, “Anywhere from about 60 to 96 percent of people who contract Ebola will die from it.” Meaning if you contract Ebola you have a very high chance that you’re going to die and while you are dying all you’re going to do if suffer. Why would you want to drag all of that severe pain out if you know you have a 4 to 40 percent chance of

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