Atticus Finch Monologue

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The courtroom was dark and cold filled with nearly every citizen in Maycomb town who had come to witness this trail. I was shaking in my seat looking around the courtroom, the white folks were sitting on the bottom and the colored people were up in the balcony. Papa was called up to testify by Atticus Finch, Tom Robinson's lawyer. “Your left handed,” Atticus stated after Papa was asked to write his name, I had no clue what Atticus was trying to do but I knew he was going to try to prove my father guilty. I was afraid someone was going to figure out the truth but I knew no matter what Atticus did, Tom was going to be guilty since no colored person has ever won against a white person. It wasn't right of me to do this and I did feel guilty since I knew the consequences for rape was severe for a colored person like him. I knew exactly what happened…show more content…
With his dark warm skin against mine, I remembered what it felt to have someone love you. I was desperate but like the rest, he had to be taken away from me by Papa. It was a disgrace in our society to be with a colored man nevertheless to kiss one. The truth was when Papa found out about my affair with Tom Robinson, he decided that beating me wasn't enough of a punishment so he took advantage of me. It wasn't new. He probably didn't remember what happened because he was drunk and sober coming home that day. This wasn't the first time but there was nothing I could do about it, running away from my problems and home was not the best option. It has been two hours and the jury is still outside the courtroom determining Tom Robinson's verdict, Atticus has backed up Tom with true evidence but will the jury choose to believe a colored man over a white folk, we’ll have to see. Papa is yelling at me to go down the street to get him some more whiskey before the jury comes back, so I’ll leave it to here for
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