Attitudes Of Parents Towards Teen Contraceptive Use

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This project will investigate the differing attitudes of parents towards teen contraceptive use, based on personal beliefs. Specifically, this project will explore the (accessibility of reproductive health care and contraceptive use,) the value of contraceptive use, the stigma of contraceptive use, and the concerns parents may have regarding teen sexuality. Additionally, thoughts from parents, school officials, and young adults on Planned Parenthood funding will be explored. Recommendations to improve sexual health and education will be solicited from the parents.
With the ongoing concerns of risky adolescent behaviors, the importance of thoughtful and proper decision making is a cornerstone …show more content…

Adolescents, between ages 12 and 16, were engaged in a three-wave longitudinal study that utilized a Computer Assisted Self Interview (CASI) technique to collect survey answers. A significant, positive relationship between television viewing and youth sexuality led to the finding that parental media intervention greatly influenced sexual youth behavior. From this finding, the researchers state the importance of open communication to bridge the gap between unmonitored youth behavior and parental expectations.
Parental control, decision self-esteem, and decision coping, in relation to sexual behavior and contraceptive use, were examined among multiethnic adolescents residing in Hawaii (Commendador, 2011). A moderate level of maternal control led to average contraceptive use in comparison to other studies. In a decisional self-esteem assessment, Commendador found that adolescents tend to lack confidence when making decisions for him or herself, but as they age and mature, decision making competency increases. Although adolescent age did not significantly correlated with decision coping and decision self-esteem (in regards to contraceptive use), a positive correlation between adolescent age and parental control was found. This study concluded that parenting style positively correlated with complacent-coping decision making.
Social disparities within the utilization of

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