Australia Is A Culturally Diverse Society

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Australia is a culturally diverse society’. Explain what this statement means.

Australia has been a culturally diverse society since long before white settlement. The indigenous people had many different cultures, languages and customs, even members of the First Fleet came from a number of culturally significant backgrounds. Diversity in Australia took large strides 67 years ago with the beginning of the Snowy River Scheme which promoted skilled immigrants to come here and work, because as a nation just after World War II we lacked the manpower and knowledge to complete such a large and complicated project.

Today in Australia this cultural diversity means that we are made up of a multitude of different cultures were minority cultures are no longer expected to give away their cultural identity to a dominant Australia culture. Instead these minority cultures influence the dominant culture and modifying it to an extent. Whereas integration expects everyone to adopt the main culture, cultural diversity or multiculturalism focuses on social harmony and accepts that Australia will be a nation of many different cultures and views under one nation.

2. Describe at least five (5) examples of diversity that may be apparent in the clients and colleagues that you work with.

Some examples of diversity with the community services industry may include;
• Gender, which can describe male, female or transgender.
• Religion, which centres on an individual or groups belief system.
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