Australia's E-Waste A Ticking Time Bomb Analysis

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The pamphlet "Australia's e-waste a ticking time bomb", distributed by an unnamed environmental organisation, serves as both a warning to its readers as well as a useful informative resource on the topic of 'e-waste' - that is, unused technology that has become landfill. The writer adopts an informative yet cautionary tone in an attempt to show readers the urgency with which the problem needs to be addressed. They contend that Australians should aim not to remove technology from their lives altogether, but to seek out ways to be more sustainable users of it. By appealing to readers' concern for the environment and revealing the risks for their own health, the writer seeks to establish fear and, as a result a desire to reduce their own personal …show more content…

The discussion of the further environmental issues created by "[shipping] the problem overseas" helps to encourage thought on what needs to be done by Australia as a whole country in order to ensure a sustainable future. The writer's use of inclusive language is effective in maintaining a friendly and helpful tone rather than a critical one; this avoids alienating readers with complicated jargon or discouraging them by blaming them. "A sustainable future is up to ALL of us" is a concluding line which emphasises the importance of co-operation, and also invites readers to participate in the solution and work towards a common goal. The writer ensures that the piece is more heavily oriented towards solving the problem than making accusations. They acknowledge that although everyone is partially responsible for the problem, they can also be part of the solution, if they choose to be. The final section of the pamphlet particularly demonstrates this, as the "simple tips" section shows readers how easy it can be to make positive changes and fulfil their duty as responsible citizens. The phrase "we can all do our bit" is once again an invitation for readers to be both accountable for their own e-waste as well as united with their fellow

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