Australopithecus Cordi Human Evolution

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Scientists have been able to discover things about our past that are almost inconceivable over 150 years ago when Charles Darwin was releasing his book, “The Origin of Species” (Gibbons, 2009a). Fossils from different australopith species have been found that lived between 4 million and 2 million years ago that show the clearer transition to human. The author, Kate Wong (2013) believes the Australopithecus sediba is the most important human ancestor discovered. Even though the discovery of Au. sediba allowed anthropologists to see human species a long time ago, there are opinions on whether it was the most important human ancestor discovered. This essay will explore how hominids have gone through many changes to get from Ardipithecus to Homo habilis and the important discoveries by scientists and what I think is the most important to the study of human origins. …show more content…

This discovery was Ardipithecus ramidus, whose nickname is “Ardi”. Ardi seemed to fill the “gap” between apes and humans. Ardi had a mix of primitive traits and others that hominids share. Her pelvis supported bipedal locomotion, but feet had a divergent hallux, which relates to climbing trees and holding onto branches (Smiley, Unit 7). Ardi engaged in both bipedalism and arboreal activity, therefore, living in the forests. Ardi’s brain was still small and ate fruits, based on her teeth structure. She still had an projecting muzzle, giving her an ape-like appearance and was about 120 cm tall. Therefore, Ardi had characteristics that were common to both panins and hominins (Smiley, Unit

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