Autography Of Frederick Douglass

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After the ban of the slavery amongst the Northern states in the united states, there was an increased demand for slaves in the southern states due to the expansion of the cotton farms. Douglass autography is a clear picture of the struggles and suffering that individuals who were living in the southern states suffered from, especially the slaves that were out in the cotton farms daily. The suffering that Douglass underwent is just a small picture of what was going on in the southern states in the 19th century. The autobiography confirms the idea that slavery in the southern states was certainly Gone with the Wind style. The suffering is an implication of the existing elements of the slavery despite the claims that it had ended in the Northern states (Douglass).
To begin, the battering of the slaves within the white masters’ farms is a clear indication that there was slavery. Douglass severally went to conflict with the whites in the farms which he was working due to the way they looked down on him and mistreated him. The northern states stated that slavery had been abolished, but after the expansion of the cotton farms within the southern region, the activity of slavery was witnessed. Douglass gives the experiences about how he was separated from his mother and the mistreatment he witnessed his aunt getting. Douglass’s thoughts about whether his father was white is also and experience within slavery as the masters impregnated the female slaves. His mother being black, it

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