Autonomy And You : The Future

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Autonomy and You Imagine in the future, say 30 years from today, that many jobs have come to the point where a robot or some other technology could do the exact same thing as a person. It could possibly do their job even better than their human counterpart and more efficient too. At this point, why would an employer choose to hire an actual person over a robot if it saves them money in the long term? If too many jobs become obsolete in the future by autonomous machines, a massive number of people will lose their jobs and could have no other skills to fall back on. Every group of citizen would be affected, from teens just entering the workforce to older ones on the verge of retirement in various organizations throughout the job industry. …show more content…

They just need an investor for the initial purchase of the machines, as they can be quite expensive. Another job market that will be devastated is the food industry. When you go to a restaurant or a fast food establishment, you are greeted by a server or a cashier, but in the future, there may be no need for them. When you go into a fast food joint, you can walk up to a screen and casually look at the menu while you decide what you want to order. Your order will be sent to the back, your food is made, and you’re notified when it is ready for pick up. This ensures that there are no risks of your order being wrong and releases the pressure of being rushed by completely removing the social aspect of it. The same applies to a restaurant with a server, a host will show you to your seat and you can use a digital menu to order your food. A server can bring you your food, but after that point there are minor necessity to them. At the end of your meal you will also be able to pay your bill without having to interact with anyone. The customer will have a window where they will see their server and then don’t have to see them again unless they choose to. It’s more of an investment where you pay a lot of money up front, but save money throughout the long term. A person working the job is a lot more random because the pay for them

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