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CLASS: Anti-villain, I guess? Unlike most villains in Avatar, Mai doesn't have any fantastical racism or evil agendas that she's pushing. She's just doing it for shits and giggles. With that, she's capable of working for evil people, but even then, she's mostly apathetic to the job. Once she quits working for Azula, she actually assists Team Avatar.
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In terms of western animation, there is not a single character who has given less fucks than Mai from Avatar: The Last Airbender. It's true. Absolutely nothing seems to enthrall or capture the attention of Mai. Born from a noble family and raised to be almost …show more content…

Despite being in the Earth Kingdom and dealing with its inhabitants, Mai only gives them the standard nasty attitude that she reserves for everyone. She doesn't seem to have any prejudiced views on races in the Avatar world specifically; she's an egalitarian in the sense that she just hates everyone equally! Also of note, despite her obviously lethal combat style, she never seems to go for direct fatalities. She rather disable and disarm opponents. Unlike most villains, Mai's does what she does simply doesn't have anything better to do. Even while working for the villain, Mai had her limits where she put her foot down because it was a conflict of personal interest. This ranged from getting dirty, as when she staunchly refused to get into a pipe system that would lead to her getting covered in slurry despite the possible physical ramifications of facing Azula in combat. In this instance, Mai even states that Azula can toss all the lightning she wants, she's not getting in that pipe. Other examples of her just flat out going "no." and just not giving a fuck include refusing to fight Team Avatar when they try to rescue the Earth Kingdom's bear. Rather than engage Team Avatar and successfully do her duty, Mai instead is so bored with having to watch the bear she forfeits it to Team Avatar without a fight. Perhaps the biggest piece of evidence for her status as The World's Most Half-Assed Villain(tm) is when she attacked Azula and defied her so Zuko and Team Avatar can escape the

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