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Consulting Staff:
Brook Bowen
Kameron De Verteuil
Brennan Harris
Beau Thompson

Caprock Cycle Company is a family owned bicycle manufacturing company based out of Caprock, TX which has been in the in the line of business of producing first rate racing bicycles for many years. This company was founded on building high-quality, reliable bicycles that were fairly priced and of high quality. In anticipation of their impending retirement, the original owners of Caprock Cycle Company have named their son and current manager Bryan Sanders as President of the company in hopes that his recent success in the Tour de France will break their recent stagnation in sales.
When Bryan was promoted to the role of President, Caprock only manufactured one type of bike called the Tourist. Bryan’s attempt to refresh their product mix by adding a high-end racing bike called the Racer along with their Tourist bike was his attempt to end their stagnant sales from the previous year. Brian’s projections and expectations of selling 1,000 Racers in the first year was his effort to prove to his parents and the Board of Directors that it would be successful. Further, he also wanted to calculate the profitability of each product line before showing them the results as a statement of the changes he could make during his first year as President.
With Bryan being a recognizable bicyclist, he felt that consumers would be open and accepting to their new high-quality,…
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