Baby Mam A Light Hearted Comedy

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1. Who is the family member and what is their health alteration? “Baby Mama” is a light-hearted comedy starring Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. It is based upon a single middle-class professional woman who wishes to have a child at this late stage of her maternal life. Tina Fey plays Kate Holbrook (37yr old) who had failed at several attempts to have a child that include adoption and artificial insemination.
Kate’s first attempt at conceiving was to use Cryobank technology. Her medical provider informed her that she will not be able to conceive due to her medical condition and advanced age. She later found a clinic that promoted surrogacy by IVF in which she meets Angie who later agrees to be the surrogate mother to her child.
2. The family in the film.
Being a successful business woman is what defines Kate. She is educated, determine and goal oriented. Her weakness is her drive to be successful that came across as being pushy or bossy with her colleagues and made her a unapproachable. Kate’s age, psychological profile, emotional state, and professional achievements put her in “Generative vs. Stagnation” stage.
Angie is a young married woman with an undefined age. She is a high school dropout who is married to her equal. They both live in poverty and are struggling to make ends meet. Her husband Carl was caught cheating with her friend but she still chose stays with him. Her strengths come from the raw determination of youth and her weaknesses include the lack of education…
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