Baby Teething Research Paper

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Six Signs of Teething Teething is one of the most important milestones of your baby’s development. Memories of your baby’s first large toothed smile will last forever. Some babies do not seem to have any problem at all and flaunt teeth before you know it, but for others it can be an uncomfortable moment, causing distress to you and your baby. Like adults, babies cope with pain differently. As a result, some babies are easier than others with teething. However, most babies pass with irritability while having teething period. The first sign of teething usually shows up a few months before the first tooth appears, so you will have to search particular symptoms to ensure that the symptoms observed are actually related to teething. While most parents agree that some or all of the …show more content…

This will cause salivation to your baby & this situation is normal for babies expecting teething. Bites: You will notice that your baby bites everything near to him, your hands, his own toys, his spoon, or even your chest! Biting helps him relieve the pressure felt in the gums. Get him a teething toy. You can also give him some soft washcloth to chew as these won’t hurt your baby at all. Mourn: Teething passes like a soft breeze for some babies, while others suffer great pain, and they share with us crying. Talk to your doctor to prescribe you some cream or gel to ease the pain of the gums. Poor appetite: Because the movement of his action increases pressure on the gums and pain, your baby may refuse to eat. Poor sleep: Especially when the gum is opening to let out the tooth, your baby may fuss during the day and night, so be prepared for a few more sleepless nights. Not all doctors agree on whether diarrhea and fever can also be symptoms of teething (although most moms who have been through it will tell you what they are). Anyway, you should tell your doctor if these two symptoms last more than two

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