Baltasar Castiglione

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Humanism, in the broad sense, means valuing the human being and the human condition. In this sense, it is related to generosity, compassion and concern for the valuation of human attributes and relationships.
It was a philosophical, intellectual and cultural movement that began in Italy in the fourteenth century with the Renaissance and spread throughout Europe, breaking with the strong influence exerted by the Catholic Church on all orders of life during the Middle Ages.

Baldassare Catiglione

Baldassar or Baltasar Castiglione; Is considered a high figure of humanism since he was a member of a noble family, who studied in Milan, and where he received a humanistic and courteous education.
Born in, Casatico, Mantua, in the year 1478. He was …show more content…

In it he describes the Renaissance's ideal of life and advocates a model of a gentleman who responds to the anxieties and the worldview he had at that time: the perfect gentleman should be as expert in weapons as in letters, know how to converse and Deal with others (especially with ladies), and play some musical instrument.
In the first dialogue there is much talk about the birth and varied education of the gentleman; In the second, of his qualities as a social man and his attitude in the different circumstances; The third draws the ideal of the perfect lady of the palace; The fourth deals with the relations of the courtier with the prince, and closes with a dissertation on platonic love, a dissertation carried out by Bembo, the most credited theoretician in this matter.

Finally, thanks to this little research and reflection on Baldassare Castiglione, I think he is a great writer whose works have been very successful at the time and was an example to follow. He taught through his best known work, the courtier, how to learn to be a good man; Educated, wise and polite, and considered a great humanist and Renaissance writer not only for his works, but for the life he led during his 51

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