Bangladesh Garment Industries Helping Workers Have Safe Environments

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Workers Health and Safety
The United States Companies are most certainly accountable for workers who produce the apparel they market. The Americans care about security of all employees. For example, research states, those global clothing buyers, mainly the United States companies, have a job to execute guaranteeing security of Bangladesh’s apparel workers” (Sherman, 2013).
Actions and Responsibilities
Thus, the United States can suggest and support foreign sweatshops with renovation and repairs on buildings that do not meet safety standards, enact and obey labor laws, and enact and pass child labor laws that prevent labor for children under age 16. In addition, the United States should use authority to forbid any trades on noncompliant …show more content…

Also, some buildings have no fire extinguisher and these specific issues are what make the factories dangerous. In addition, buildings codes were actually listed on the book and not really enforced. Apparel Trade
Bangladesh is producing majority of the retailers and brand owner apparel and receiving plenty capital; however, the economy shows no improvement. The economy should affect all people with the country. Workers lifestyle or living standards have not improved.
Living Standards Therefore, my belief is evacuation of capital and jobs will make the country better off in the long run. Presently, the country has both capital and jobs and nation appears worse off. For example, factory workers who are working long hours for same pay is worse off. The retailers and brand owners prospering and poor are poorer. An increase in living standards usually benefits everyone; however, the country will grow in the long run and will have to sacrifice short-term.

United States Changes
According to journalist, “the Triangle fires lead to widespread labor reforms changes in the United States; however, its commemoration underscore the plight of immigrant workers similarly exploited at that particular time” (Traywick, 2011).
History of Garment Industry
History, however, provides many examples that illustrate how the Bangladesh fire resembles the clothing business.

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