Bangladesh National Budget Analysis

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Letter of Transmittal:
12th August, 2012
Muhammad Enamul Haque
Assistant Professor
School of Business and Economics
United International University

Subject: Submission of the term paper on “Analysis of Bangladesh National Budget
For the FY 2012-13”

Here is the term paper on “Analysis of Bangladesh National Budget 2012-13”, which you have assigned us in order to get a clear understanding over Bangladesh National Budget for FY2012-13. We have tried our best to gather all kinds of relevant information, which could give us an overall concept of this topic. We have studied the Budget speech 2012-13 by the Finance minister of Bangladesh and the CPD budget reaction for preparing this term paper. We hope that it will meet our expected
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They are: Power & Energy Sector, Agricultural and Rural Development, Human Resource Development, Physical Infrastructure, Industrialization, Climate Change & Environment, Digital Bangladesh, public welfare, good governance & revenue sector. These sectors have been divided into different sub sectors to be more specific.
Budget 2012-2013 gives the permission to convert the black money into white money by changing the income tax law and people may able to convert the black money by investing the black money in the share market. The range of tax-free income is set at 180000 taka, but for the pressure of inflation rate, the taxpayer people will not feel comfort. On the other hand, for the pressure of income tax, existing pressure will be increase and the minimum limit of personal tax rate has been increased from taka 2000 to 3000.
According to the budget 2012-13, the export oriented business like leather industry, leather goods, medicine, frozen goods they have get more facility because they have not pay tax on importing their industry machinery but they have to pay more than two times more tax on their export.
In this new budget, the GDP is set at 7.2%, but the previous economic year the GDP achieved was 6.32%. So, achieving the 7.2% GDP is more challenging in this economic year with current condition.
In this economic year, budget the deficit amount is huge and the government will try to take
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