Baroque Period: Questions And Questions On The Baroque Era

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Bach Brandenburg Concerto Number 5, 3rd mvmnt When was the Baroque era? The Baroque era started around the 1600 to the 1750 Name 2 other famous Baroque composers Handel & Vivaldi What is a concerto grosso? A composition for a musical solo accompanied by an orchestra. What is a concertino? Solo instruments playing in an orchestra. What is a ripieno? A body of instruments accompanying the concertino in an orchestra in a baroque concerto grosso What instruments make up the concertino? Flute, Violin and Harpsichord What instruments make up the ripieno? Violin, Viola & Cellos What is unique about the harpsichord’s role in this particular concerto? The harpsichord accompanies the other instruments. What does cembalo concertato on the score mean? Note there is only…show more content…
Explain what is figured bass. Figured bass is a partially improvised bass accompaniment usually played on the keyboard. What are the small notes on the treble clef for harpsichord? Why are they small? Editorials put their version of what they think the song would have been like. This is called a realisation Note the recording for the anthology is a “historically informed performance”. What does this mean? The editor or interpreter who filled in the figured bass as there was no treble part when the composer wrote it. What is the range of the flute part? Why is it not actually very big for a flute? A flute typically has a wide range, however, in this piece the flute used 2 octaves. What is the time signature and how do you name this metre? 2/4 simple duple What does the small figure 3 mean over some note groupings? It is a triplet The rhythm of this movement is similar to a gigue. What is a gigue? A gigue is a lively style of dance originally from the Baroque era. Bach was famous for his counterpoint. Explain counterpoint and mark several examples on your score. Mark the sections on your score: A bars 0 -78 B bars 79 - 232 A1 bars 233 -
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