Baseball in America Essay

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Baseball in America is about as common as Cricket is to Indian Nations. Baseball was played and was also participated by everyone. People played it everywhere from large cities to even small towns. Children and even adults were playing. The game of baseball was invented between 1861 and 1865 which was before the American Civil War. Many of the people that know of the game of baseball reference as the “National Past Time”. Many people played baseball or even played the cousin sport called softball. Unlike basketball and football- baseball can be played well by an average height and weight person. Baseball came of age in the 1920s when Babe Ruth who passed away in 1948 came into the spotlight and led the power house New York Yankees to …show more content…

In 1871 the first professional baseball league was born and by the beginning of the 20th century most large cities in the eastern United States had a professional baseball team. Theres been many different things in the past and current history that has impact baseball majorly. Some of them are Pete Rose when he bet on games back in 1983, The 1994 Baseball Strike, and the usage of steroids or PEDs. Pete Rose was born in 1941 in Cincinnati, Ohio and while he was growing up a young kid he cheered for the hometown team which was the Cincinnati Reds. Once he retired from the game of baseball in 1986 he was the all-time leader in hits, games and at-bats. He was know for his hard- charging style so he got the nickname “Charlie Hustle”. The nickname was given to him by an All-Star New York Yankee pitcher by the name of Whitey Ford. A few years after he retired from the game of baseball he got a managerial job with his hometown team the Cincinnati Reds (Biography). A few years after Mr. Rose got the job with the Reds he was questioned by then commissioner of baseball Peter Ueberroth on gambling charges. A month later the rumors circulate publicly about Rose’s gambling problems and he also said, “ I’d be willing to bed you, if I were a betting man, that I have never bet on baseball.” In June of 1989 Giamatti’s report which was confidential was released to the media by the court officials. The report shows that in ’85, ’86 and ’87 Pete Rose had bet on

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