Basic Concept on Fractions

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Basic Concepts on Fraction
Fraction – is defined as a part of a whole. In some other books, it is defined as a number written in the form ab , where “a” and “b” are numbers and “b” is not equal to zero.

Basic Parts of a Fraction

* Numerator – the number above tells how many parts are taken.

* Denominator – the number below tells how many equal parts the whole is divided.

* Fraction bar – line that separates the two numbers. It also indicates division.

There are several kinds of fraction and they are grouped into two: INDIVIDUAL FRACTIONS and GROUP FRACTIONS Individual Fractions are taken as one. They are—
1. Proper Fraction - a fraction whose numerator is less than the denominator

Examples: 34 , 78 , 57 …show more content…

Furthermore, arranging dissimilar fractions is just the same as similar fractions but, we have to make the fractions similar first before arranging them. Take note that in ordering dissimilar fractions; always use the given set of fractions.

Examples: Arrange the following from least to greatest.

49 , 79 , 29 , 89 , 59 29 , 49 , 59 , 79 , 89

Arranging the

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