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Decent Essays RIP Timers RIP has four basic timers
1) Update Timer – indicates how regularly the router will send out a routing table update.
2) Invalid Timer – indicates how long a route will remain in a routing table before being marked as invalid, if no new updates are heard about this route. The invalid timer will be reset if an update is received for that fussy route before the timer expires. A route marked as invalid is not immediately removed from the routing table. Instead, the route is marked with a metric of 16, indicating it is unreachable, and placed in a hold-down state.
3) Hold-down Timer – indicates how long RIP will “suppress” a route that it has placed in a hold-down state. RIP will not accept any new updates for routes …show more content…

The request asks that a router send all or part of its routing table. The response can be a spontaneous regular routing update or a reply to a request. Responses contain routing table entries.
Version number- Specified the RIP version used.
Zero- This field is not actually used by RFC 1058 RIP it was added solely to provide backward compatibility with varieties of RIP. Its name comes from its defaulted value, zero.
Address-family identifier (AFI) - Specifies the address family used. RIP is created to carry routing information for a number of different protocols. Each entry has an address family identifier to indicate the type of address being specified. The AFI for IP is 2.
Address—Specifies the IP address for the entry.
Metric- This Indicates how many internetwork hops or routers have been negotiated in the excursion to the destination. This value is between 1 and 15 for a valid route, or 16 for an unreachable route. RIP packet format

Table 2.2 RIP packet format Wireless routing protocol The Wireless Routing Protocol (WRP) is a table-based distance-vector routing protocol. Each node in the network maintains a Distance table (DT), a Link-Cost table, a Routing table and a Message Retransmission list. The DT contains the network observation of the neighbours of a node. It contains a matrix where each element contains the distance and the one

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