Be A Man. . 'Quit Acting Like A Girl'. 'My Grandma Can

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Be a Man

'Quit acting like a girl '. 'My grandma can run faster than you '. 'Grow some balls '. Even the manliest of men have heard every single one of these phrases before, and their collective message is clear: just be a man. The very idea is so ingrained in the bedrock of our society that corporations capitalize on the nearly universal male desire to reach true masculinity, illustrating (even sometimes unrealistically) what a real man looks like or does. Sadly, the average 21st century man is given no detailed instructions on how to become this ideal, all the while being spurring forward to chase this ambiguous goal. Just take a look at Disney Studios 's

Mulan; this animated movie has a feature song that flat out says "Be a …show more content…

Basically, Dos Equis touts the most interesting man in the world as a beacon of unparalleled, and unattainable levels of charisma. But while the elusive template for the better modern man escapes us another day, these three ad campaigns convey various aspects that piece together the full picture. When assembled, it appears that masculinity consists of strong, virile, physical allure combined with unwavering confidence and unrivaled charisma.

Somatic attractiveness is a broad term that also relates to feminine beauty, so in order to differentiate the two, a definitive line between both masculine and feminine physical appeal must be drawn. What exactly determines masculine good looks? Frederick et. al. observe that society favors, “Media representations of the ideal male body as muscular.” But a study on feminine beauty finds a different standard for women: “Men find female figures with low [Waist-to-hip ratio] more attractive, healthier, and of greater reproductive value than figures with a higher WHR” (Singh). These key differences in aesthetic perceptions distinguish masculine physical qualities

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