Beauty Is The Eyes Of Society

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Beauty in the Eyes of Society Beauty is, by definition, a “combination of qualities, such as shape, color, or form, which pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight” (Beauty). Beauty is something that many people, no matter the race or sex, strive for whether it is consciously or unconsciously. In today’s world, it is believed that beauty can open doors to many places and is often viewed as a luxury by many people. For women in particular, the standards of beauty are extremely high, they come with all types of stereotypes, and can many times cause both psychological as well as physical damage to women. In Jane Martin’s Beauty, she addresses the importance that people place on a woman’s physical attributes as well as certain stereotypes about beauty. When people in today’s society see a women, no matter her age, the first thing they’ll notice is how she looks, how she’s dresses, and how she presents herself. All of these are part of a certain aesthetic that women are expected to meet depending on age. Although the standards of beauty often differ depending on the time era as well as the race and religion of a group, it’s always present. One of the main standards of beauty is today’s society for a woman is thinness. Most people believe that a women isn’t truly beautiful unless she has a flat stomach with a couple of curves here and there. The main influence in this is pop culture and the media as they tend to objectify women in various ways, sometimes without even

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