Beauty : Self Harm For Men And Women

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Beauty: Self-Harm for Men and Women
Aristotle once said, “Personal beauty is greater recommendation than any letter of reference.” One of the greatest philosophers recognized the importance of physical attractiveness. Although Aristotle recognized the importance of physical beauty in 300 BC, appearance is still of great significance in today’s culture. Americans idolize beauty because, over the decades, men and women have learned to use their appearance for personal advantage. As a result, the pursuit for a perfect face and a body to match has created a 160-billion-dollar global industry (Patzer 112). The extreme emphasis placed on one’s physical appearance has caused eating disorders, self-esteem issues, and a plastic surgery craze in America.
Eating disorders are the most common “fashion accessory” in today’s modern culture. Society has transformed the concept of a healthy body into bare bones, anorexic body. Courtney Martin, a feminist and a voice for the New York Times, NEED TO SHOW SHE GOT STATSICS SOMEWHERE ELSE “Girls across the world are being affected by eating disorders: eating disorders affect 7 million American girls and women and 70 million people worldwide (Martin 50). Eating disorders are prominent in our culture because of the lies regarding how to obtain and what a beautiful body looks like. False body image impacts women daily and increase the chances of eating disorders. Not only are average Americans affected by culture’s body ideals, celebrities fall…
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