Beauty: When The Other Dance Is The Self

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Beauty can be viewed in a variety of ways for many different people. Society has made a huge impact on the way people view and think of one another. Since the media has created a specific definition of beauty, people begin to see others in a different light. Those who are considered the “other” are those who the society and media have not deemed beautiful. Alice Walker describes in “Beauty: When the Other Dance is the Self” how her experience with her eye being noticeably damaged had caused her to forget the value of her inner beauty. Similarly, Toni Morrison’s explains in “Strangers” that the media has highlighted the importance of physical appearance instead of a person’s character upon meeting them for the first time. The subject in Johannes Vermeer’s Study of a Young Woman is not conventionally beautiful but Vermeer saw something valuable in the subject that caused him to take his time to paint her. The painting Study of a Young Woman by Johannes Vermeer, challenges the idea of beauty that society has placed on the world and portrays how every human being is beautiful despite those views; although the subject of the painting is “othered” because she is not conventionally beautiful Vermeer choose her because he saw something in her worth more than physical beauty.
Within the years 1665-1667, a painting that sought to go beyond physical beauty was created by Johannes Vermeer called Study of a Young Woman. Vermeer was a very recognized and important individual during the

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