Beauty in Photoshop by Adobe Commercial

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In the commercial “Fotoshop by Adobe” Rosten effectively convinces his audience of the absurdity of society’s obsession with physical appearance and the beauty trick to appear more attractive by purchasing Photoshop. Rosten achieves this by applying emotional appeal, satire and hyperbole. Beauty is something that is largely considered a physical attribute. Beauty has and will always be desirable. Today society believes that beauty is the way to get attention and acceptance. Movies, magazines, music and other Arts of entertainment portray beauty as the epitome of getting love, comfort, acceptance, and riches. Rosten uses emotional appeal to sway the feelings of the audience to make them buy Photoshop by adobe. People walk around with variety of unfulfilled urges and motives swirling in the bottom half of their minds. : Lusts, ambitious, tenderness, vulnerability. These problems are constantly arising and seeking resolution. Rosten portrays the audience motives and desires by giving form to the individuals inner lying desires, showing what the individual privately yearns for. Rostens goal is to tug at the audience psychological shirts sleeves and slow them down long enough for a couple of words to sell the product. In the video the models say “experience a whole new you”, “it’s you perfected”. This tells the audience that this product could help you look better and boost your self-esteem. Not to mention all the beautiful models that dance happily in the video to appeal to

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